Have Smartphones Really Destroyed A Generation?

Have Smartphones Really Destroyed A Generation?Today, more and more parents are thinking about the dangers and benefits of gadgets for children, because technical devices are becoming more accessible. Even in families where income is low, each child has his own phone with games.

On the one hand, digital technologies broaden their horizons, provide access to a large amount of new information, and facilitate communication. But on the other hand, they are increasingly withdrawing from the real world, leading to addiction, like a drug.

A particularly frightening situation arises in cases where children are immersed in games with cruel subjects.

The negative impact of digital gadgets increases depending on the amount of time children spend in front of the screen. Studies have shown that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend an average of 7.5 hours per day, buried in gadgets.

And if preschoolers are in the fresh air for at least 1.5 hours, then after 7 years it is already difficult to send them outside for outdoor games. They prefer to stay at home in front of computers or smartphones.

What can such negative trends lead to?

Psychologists call the specific consequences for children:

  • lack of constant contact with parents in children under five years of age can lead to attention deficit, cognitive delays and learning disabilities;
  • delay in speaking skills;
  • limited movement and lack of play activity in the fresh air slow down not only physical development, but also the functioning of the brain;
  • there are problems with a full sleep;
  • school performance is reduced;
  • cruelty and aggressiveness increase;
  • more often psychological problems (childhood depression, anxiety, problem behavior) are manifested;
  • when trying to pick up gadgets hysteria is manifested.

If you noted at least one item from the above, then this is an occasion to think about how much your child is dependent on gadgets, and take measures.

You will not be able to stop technological progress, but choosing the most suitable option for access to digital media is your responsibility as parents responsible for the life and health of children.

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