How to Improve Memory, Power, Concentration

How to Improve Memory, Power, ConcentrationTo ensure well-being and energy for an intense day, we should take care of the level of neurotransmitters in the brain. These are chemical compounds that carry signals between nerve cells as well as from nerve cells to muscle or glandular cells. Of particular importance in this process are serotonin and dopamine. To raise their level, we should introduce into our diet products such as eggs, soybeans, lean meat and whole grains, which our body will be able to produce neurotransmitters, improving memory and concentration.

Thanks to a well-structured menu, we can also take care of nerve fibers that create a kind of “cables” between brain cells. Providing the body with omega-3 fats, we will enable the construction of insulation for our fibers. It is worth avoiding fatty oily fish, linseed and Italian nuts, which contain the most healthy acids. Also B vitamins found in lettuce, spinach, meat, beans and wholemeal bread also take care of the speed of information flow between neurons.

Wishing to save yourself from problems with memory, let’s put on dark fruits and vegetables – such as plums, blackberries, aronia, grapes or eggplants. Thanks to the anthocyans content, they will support the process of repairing micro damage in brain cells. However, eggs and soybeans will provide us with famous lecithin. It is also worth having a handful of Italian nuts on your desk, which are not only a healthy snack, but also a great cheer for our gray cells responsible for memory and concentration.

We can not forget that even light dehydration results in problems with concentration. Therefore, always have a bottle of mineral water on your desk, backpack or purse and drink it regularly. For proper hydration of our body – including the brain – we will also take care of fresh juices, soups or juicy fruits!

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