How to Follow Nutrition Guidelines for Men’s Health

How to Follow Nutrition Guidelines for Men's HealthProper, balanced nutrition is necessary for all. However, due to the peculiarities of metabolic processes, men and women differ. In large quantities there is everything that women need.

A list of foods that need to be added to the diet and why

Men are not recommended to use:

Soy products (tofu, soy milk, soybeans), as well as some legumes (for example, peas).

In the diet they should be excluded because of the content of phytoestrogens, which reduce the effect of male sex hormones.


Beer has a high insulin index, its use in large quantities inhibits testosterone production. Externally, hormonal adjustment can be identified as follows – there is a fat in the “women’s places”: the abdomen, thighs, chest area.

Sugar and Insulin Boost Products

Insulin is a testosterone antagonist and blocks its activity. If you are drawn to the sweet, give preference to the natural counterpart – fruit, berries, honey, 70% dark chocolate. Use them in moderation until 15:00!

Industrial meat and poultry (especially chicken)

The composition of the feed of these animals may include analogues of female sex hormones. This is done to speed up the process of gaining fat mass of the body. And even though these estrogens are produced in the male body, too, with food they do not need these supplements. ⠀


Especially natural milk contains hormones that work in the same way as estrogen. Replace animal milk can be vegetable (but not soy!).

What foods need to be added to the male diet:

Pumpkin seeds and oysters are in the first place.

These products are champions of zinc, which helps in the synthesis of the key male hormone – testosterone.


One of the most valuable products for our body, especially male! It contains the male hormone Androsterone, has a mass of beneficial properties and, moreover, helps to work effectively with fat mass.


Chicken protein is considered the gold standard for the content of light amino acids, which is ideal for those who play sports. Yolk, too, do not sidestep! It contains fats, which are a substrate for the synthesis of male sex hormones.


It is rich in a substance that improves liver function and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The nutritionist advised overweight men to check the protein metabolism indicators. Simple carbohydrates such as sweets, pastries, white flour products are not recommended (as well as women). From carbohydrates, you should pay attention to fruits (especially kiwi), whole-grain cereals, almost all types of vegetables.

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