What is Tantric Massage?

What is Tantric Massage?In the midst of the rush of life that is usually done, combining the mind with the body to be so complex and necessary, created recourse to proposals as striking as those with busty massage, which are consolidated as an excellent option that in addition to establishing this relationship, allow a person to increase their sense abilities, because this is what ultimately gives them that pleasant result that affects one way or another, that affects themselves …

Tantric Massage is designed to make the mind learn to feel and is not really new, it is known from many cultures that have practiced it for several centuries, becoming especially visible between the eleventh and twelfth centuries as a philosophy of life oriented towards the activation of internal energy.

Characteristics of tantra massage
The purpose of this type of massage is to expand awareness, which is why it is performed with any accent of intentions. They also imply an attitude of honor and love that has nothing to do with what would be a purely erotic massage.

To facilitate understanding, we can assume that it is a ritual that wakes and directs energy, including sexual energy. For this purpose, he uses subtle caresses on the naked body, which in turn combines light movements and delicate friction; it starts from the feet and ends on the neck.

The main advantages of tantric massage
Although many couples choose to give it new air to their sex life, its advantages really go much further, and then we will see the most important:

Keep away from anxiety and stress: a massage session can help with conscious breathing, which is the basis for finding a state of peace and harmony that completely dissolves changed states.

They increase self-esteem: learning to become aware of their own body, the person begins to get to know, appreciate and feel much more confident in relation to the image he recognizes in front of him and the one he designs for others.

Well-being: thanks to released endorphins, a person experiences a feeling of calm that is gradually reflected in all scenarios of his life.

It stimulates the senses: as we mentioned at the beginning, tantra massage is responsible for activating each of our sensations and even sleep, hence the surprise of many people to discover sensitivity and pleasure in areas that I could not even imagine.

Improve your life with massages
Massage is a therapeutic application of therapeutic touch. Massage is an ancient form of healing and relaxation, and the gentle pressure of the hands works well on painful muscles. Massage your legs not only makes you feel good, but also brings significant health benefits that help to relieve stress, illness and pain.

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