Behaviors That Block Happiness

What prevents us from being happyWe all want to be happy and feel happiness. Unfortunately, sometimes something prevents us from feeling good. We will talk about the feelings that block our happiness.

How many times have you felt trapped by paralyzing emotions? Sometimes something bothers us, but we don’t know what, and it is this that does not allow us to be happy.

There are endless emotions that prevent us from being truly happy. Today we want to take a closer look at three of them.

The environment also plays an important role in shaping feelings and how you react to them. However, if you are aware of this effect, you can make some efforts to control negative emotions and become a happier person.

Let’s look at the list of 3 emotions that can prevent you from being truly happy. And then we’ll tell you how to control them.

What prevents us from being happy?

1. Guilt

If you want to be happy, the first emotion to avoid is guilt. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons that others can use against you.

Some people will make you feel guilty when you don’t do what they want.

The problem is that this emotion is deeply rooted in a person’s mind and body. She can stay there forever.

Sometimes, over time, you find yourself doing what others want you to do, just out of guilt. You may carry this burden within you for many years.

The good news is that you are not doomed to feel this way. The next time you feel guilty, try to find the root of the problem.

Do you really feel bad because you did something that goes against your values? Or is it because someone told you that you did something wrong?

Show your love and gratitude to those you love. However, be aware that some of them may try to control you with guilt. If this happens, make it clear to the person that this is not acceptable.

You shouldn’t go against your values. But it is worth doing what gives you a feeling of happiness. Remember, the worst mistake you can make is living the life other people expect you to live instead of pursuing your own happiness.

2. Shame

It’s normal and healthy to feel shame when you do something that goes against your values, especially if others think it’s wrong too. It’s also normal to feel shame when your decisions or actions put you in an uncomfortable position.

However, if the feeling of shame accompanies you constantly, this is already a problem. This happens when a person has low self-esteem or treats himself badly.

Stop for a moment and realize what is happening. Is what you feel is shaming? Instead of going out with the person, you like, do you stay at home because you don’t think you’re worth it? Where does this feeling come from?

Maybe you’re in this emotional state right now because someone made you feel a lot of shame in the past. That is why it is difficult for you to experience similar situations again.

It is worth remembering that only you are in control of your life.

This means that you should only feel shame when your decisions are not in line with what you think is right.

Learn to recognize when others are making you feel ashamed of your own actions, and stop them. There is nothing wrong with valuing people’s opinions. However, at the same time, you should not lose your own.

3. Resentment

It is an emotion that arises when you feel that you have done certain good things, but others do not appreciate them. It can also occur when people don’t do what you expect them to do.

This feeling tells you that you may be expecting too much from others or trying too hard to please someone.

That is why it is important to learn how to identify resentment as soon as it appears. This feeling arises in our life for a certain reason.

Yes, we know you probably hate this emotion. However, it will not disappear overnight.

Identify the root of resentment and find a solution.

Sometimes you just have to step over certain circumstances and move on. In some cases, much more effort will have to be made.

In any case, do what you think is necessary. All methods of releasing emotions are suitable: from desperately crying on a friend’s shoulder to hitting a pillow.

The best way to overcome resentment is love. Leave disputes and hatred in the past.

Only a person decides what he should be: happy or not

You’ve just read an article about three emotions you should avoid in order to feel happier. Now it remains only to realize that you are the only person who determines the measure of your own happiness or unhappiness.

Don’t let others decide how you feel or act.

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